In December of 2013, our friend developed severe shortness of breath and a nagging cough.  He soon learned he
had Stage 4 Lung Cancer. 

He was given a 17% survival rate beyond 5 years.


To say the news rocked his group of loved ones is a massive understatement. Every family, and every group of friends, has that "guy" in the their midst - a tireless leader of group activities, our most animated storyteller at any dinner, the one guy in a group of balding middle aged men who looks the most like young Alec Baldwin/Ben Affleck - and Alex is ours. Also, he ran multiple marathons and never smoked. Lung Cancer?  At forty?

It turned out Alex had an uncommon genetic mutation that has probably set off his lung cancer. The only person seemingly un-rocked by the news, was Alex himself. Sure, the news bowled him over, as it would anyone. But then he processed it and bounced back as only Alex can.

He turned to his friends, his family, and said "I am not a statistic...I Got This."

We all want Alex to know in this colossal fight, we his friends and family got his back. We are here for him.

Together, We Got This.