Can't come to the event? You can still be a part of it and support Alex.

  1. Leave a message for Alex on Facebook here.

  2. Make a donation and make a difference by supporting the We Got This Fund and the Lung Cancer Foundation of America here.

  3. Pretend you're on the red carpet and post a photo of you and Alex for the tabloids here. Don't have a great pic? Just insert your face into one of the following shots and post (instructions below).


For the tech savvy: 1. Choose a picture and then drag it to your desktop 2. Choose a photo of yourself 3. Use any image editing software, like Photoshop, to crop your face from your photo and insert it into Alex's photo 4. Save the image and post on Facebook.

For the old school: 1. Print out one of the photos of Alex 2. Print out a photo of yourself 3. Cut out your face and paste it into the photo of Alex 4. Take a picture of the new photo with your smartphone 5. Post it on Facebook.