When Alex learned of his diagnosis, he turned to his friends, and his family, and said "I Got This."


It's an expression, his younger brother Dean noted, that Alex had used since childhood. It's the expression of an alpha male in his prime, refusing to be defined by a diagnosis or an illness. It's the expression of a young man who, just days after starting chemo, also went to the beach and dumped a bucket of ice water over his head for the "ice bucket challenge." He has inspired us with his grace, his courage, and his steadfast refusal to ever stop being our most animated storyteller at any dinner.

Alex has "got this." He's "got it" in spades. And for many of us, strange as it sounds, the person we've leaned on most to help us process what Alex is dealing with, has been Alex himself.

So now we want to do something for Alex. We want to take his "I Got This" and turn this into "We Got This." We want to celebrate Alex's amazing spirit and attitude, raise some money, support him on his journey, and - most importantly to Alex - raise awareness about the particular lung cancer he's found himself fighting: a shockingly random and increasingly prevalent form of lung cancer that not enough people know about. To that end: Alex's friends and family are building this platform, where friends, families, and even complete strangers can come to do just that - to look a scary disease in the eye, but not to be scared by it. To donate what they can afford to donate, to hear Alex's story, and to share what they've learned with others.  

Together, We Got This.

I Got This.
— Alex